New Product Announcement: M850-LRC and M250-TRC

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                      The new HOBUT M850-LRC is a unique combination of a 3 phase digital universal metering system and Rogowski coils. The dynamic M850-LRC and Rogowski Coils (pictured) were recently used, along with our other new product the M250-TRC,to retrofit our multifunction meters at Glasgow Scotstoun… Read More »

Rogowski Coil Transducer


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Rogowski Coil Operated Transducer Description The M250-TRC converts the output from the M240-RCM MultiCoil (Rogowski coil) to either a DC or AC output which is directly proportional to the AC current being measured by the MultiCore. Available DC outputs are 0-1mA, 0-5mA, 0-10mA, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V DC. This product is also available with… Read More »

Multifunction Meter + Rogowski Coil

Multifunction Meter + Rogowski Coil
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Description The M850-LRC is a unique combination of a 3 phase digital universal metering system and Rogowski coils. It can be used on any voltage system with a wide range of inputs, and incorporates a universal AC or DC auxiliary power supply. One unit covers the majority of applications and wiring systems without any modification… Read More »

Seven Killer Marketing Strategies For Manufacturers

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Most manufacturing companies, unless you are one of the very fortunate, want to increase their business and profitability. To do this by relying on past successes and achievements or inbound activity, then at some point, your business will hit the wall and your competition will be in the fast-lane leaving you for dust. An example… Read More »

How can we get more young people into Manufacturing?

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As we get poised for the future and the 4th Industrial Revolution (IR4.0), we turn to our youth to carry the flag and to take the reins of innovation and technology, and this is especially the case when it comes to manufacturing. We have a real struggle in general to find skilled workers, with an… Read More »

Manufacturing world cup

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It’s World Cup time! Sweep stakes drawn, flags at the ready and patriotism set to the max. The world’s favourite tournament is well under way and we’ve seen some tantalising matches already with VAR being used and it’s great to see how technology is being incorporated in this fast-moving game. It got us thinking here… Read More »

A Guide to Preparing for GDPR for Small and Medium Businesses

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What is GDPR? What are the requirements of being GDPR compliant? What should my company be doing to prepare for the GDPR? The Business Implications of Failing to Comply with GDPR! What is GDPR? On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  will be enforced across Europe, including the UK. The law aims to… Read More »

How Can The UK Address The Productivity Gap?

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What is the ‘productivity gap’? A productivity gap or sometimes referred to as the “productivity puzzle” is the difference between one county’s productivity levels, as measured by output per workers or output per hour worked, in comparison with the country’s main export competitors. According to the Office For National Statistics, the UK is falling behind… Read More »

How Technology And Digitalisation Are Transforming UK Manufacturing

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Technology and Digitalisation are changing the way UK Manufacturers operate, at an incredible rate. Companies are producing or are expected to produce more product for less and this is being felt across a number of different industries. Companies are also growing at a faster pace too with technologies from 3D printing to Robotics and a… Read More »

WIL 16-2 Battery Tester

WIL 16-2 Battery Tester
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Lightweight portable load tester for 12V batteries. No spark can occur when first connected to the battery, eliminating any risk of explosion. The battery is automatically loaded for a controlled time, so eliminating operator error. Battery condition is determined from the voltmeter reading. Operating instructions for various battery types are provided. Technical Specification Dimensions 165… Read More »