Major Investment in British Manufacturing

HOBUT has strengthened its commitment to British Manufacturing through the acquisition of British Core manufacturer Unicores Ltd.

Unicores Ltd has been manufacturing strip wound cores in various electrical steels for more than 30 years. Its extensive stock holdings, modern production methods and expertise earning it a reputation for quality and precision.

Its wide product range includes bare cores, rectangular cores, nanocrystalline cores, poly wrapped cores, toroidal cores and more.

As a key supplier of current transformers worldwide, all manufactured to IS9001:2015, this acquisition will help to ensure the security of HOBUT’s supply chain. This will ensure HOBUT will continue to meet its tight on-time targets -key to customer satisfaction.

This acquisition comes shortly after significant investment in HOBUT’s Walsall based factory where production facilities have been revamped, and new highly skilled engineers have been acquired.

HOBUT will continue to invest in British manufacturing and British engineering expertise as we head into 2019.