An Insight in to the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

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What is the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund? The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund aims to bring together the UK’s world-leading research with business to meet the major industrial and societal challenges of our time. It provides funding and support to UK businesses and researchers. The fund is part of the government’s £4.7 billion increase in research… Read More »

The Importance of On-time Delivery and How to Improve It

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Meeting customers’ expectations and delivery requirements has to be priority for every manufacturing company in the world. The good news is that these expectations are simple: produce products accurately and deliver them on time, every time. However, the companies that struggle to meet other key deadlines in the manufacturing process/supply chain, find this easier said… Read More »

The First Look at Hobut’s New Raw Material Stores

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Back in November 2018, Hobut announced the acquisition of British Core Manufacturer, Unicores Limited which will help to secure and enhance our supply chain. This was in addition to the significant recent investment to our production facilities which also included the recruitment of highly skilled engineers. As part of our ongoing commitment to British Manufacturing… Read More »

HOBUT Arrives in Dubai

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HOBUT have travelled over 4,500 miles from its Manufacturing Headquarters in Walsall, West Midlands, UK to Dubai, UAE to exhibit in the World’s largest Power Exhibition. More than 60,000 industry professionals will descend on the World Trade Centre which will bring together manufacturers, global experts, governments, procurement, project managers and contractors in the following sectors:… Read More »

Do You REALLY Know Where Your Products Are Coming From?

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With the rise of internet business (across any sector), there has most definitely been a corresponding rise in what we will diplomatically call ‘blurred boundaries’. In other words, presenting a product or service in a particular light, when in reality, it doesn’t conform on every level. You may be purchasing, for example, low-voltage products. You… Read More »

Smart Factories Are Transforming Manufacturing

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Manufacturers are on the verge of an industry-wide digital transformation, with the need to improve productivity and boost visibility across the factory floor and supply chain operations. Businesses are forging ahead to transform digitally and embrace Smart Manufacturing – which is the automation of the manufacturing sector. There are Five main areas of transformation; Digitalisation… Read More »

Major Investment in British Manufacturing

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HOBUT has strengthened its commitment to British Manufacturing through the acquisition of British Core manufacturer Unicores Ltd. Unicores Ltd has been manufacturing strip wound cores in various electrical steels for more than 30 years. Its extensive stock holdings, modern production methods and expertise earning it a reputation for quality and precision. Its wide product range… Read More »

New Product Announcement: M850-LRC and M250-TRC

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                      The new HOBUT M850-LRC is a unique combination of a 3 phase digital universal metering system and Rogowski coils. The dynamic M850-LRC and Rogowski Coils (pictured) were recently used, along with our other new product the M250-TRC,to retrofit our multifunction meters at Glasgow Scotstoun… Read More »

Seven Killer Marketing Strategies For Manufacturers

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Most manufacturing companies, unless you are one of the very fortunate, want to increase their business and profitability. To do this by relying on past successes and achievements or inbound activity, then at some point, your business will hit the wall and your competition will be in the fast-lane leaving you for dust. An example… Read More »

Why manufacturing matters to the UK economy.

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“The UK doesn’t manufacture much anymore”, “Everything is being made abroad nowadays” and “There are no jobs out there” are probably some examples you’ve heard many times before and maybe to some it would be quite astonishing to hear that they couldn’t be further from the truth.   Manufacturing is thriving, and it contributes £6.7… Read More »