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M880-DMF DIN Rail Power Meters

The new range of Hobut DIN rail mounting power meters feature seven selectable colour backlight LCD screens. The range is easy to use and features user-programmable CT & VT ratios that can be used on any single or 3 phase system.

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CT132Tran Current Sensor/ Current Transducer

A range of current sensors / current transducers available with 0-5V / 0-10V DC self powered output or 4-20mA loop powered output.

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Clip together plug-in short circuit

Our new Split Core current transformer features a unique plug-in short circuit link for safety. It is supplied in a moulded case with 1 metre double insulated flying lead and bootlace ferrule terminations.

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3 Phase CT with inbuilt Power Meter

The C-Tran is combined 3 phase multifunction AC Power transducer and 3 phase current transformer.
The C-Tran is fully programmable through either of the two communication ports

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Earth Leakage Relays

Variable Earth Leakage Relays in compact 35mm din rail mounting cases for use on 3 phase electrical systems.

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Moulded Case Rectangular Current Transformers

5 rectangular style moulded case current transformers in compact cases to suit a range of busbar sizes.

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Howard Butler LTD is a UK manufacturer of instrumentation & control products such as current transformers, digital and analogue meters, transducers and protection relays. Howard Butler Ltd exports worldwide. We have been manufacturing in the UK since 1915 and employ over 100 people. View our manufacturing plant below.


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