Company Quality Policy

As well as manufacturing standard line products, Hobut work with leading brands on an OEM basis, with in-house designing of products to specific sizes and applications.

Rest assured, Hobut UK have a team of specialist engineers who are regularly adding new products to the range, mostly designed to IEC, BS or DIN specifications and our continuous improvement programme ensures established products are always updated

Our products are manufactured to stringent quality standards and control techniques with the company accredited and approved to ISO9001:2015.

Company Quality Policy


The Company Quality Policy is based on the concept that Quality must be designed and built into the product and that this can only be achieved by vigilance, design, control and accountability at all stages of manufacture and at all levels within the organisation.

The objective of our Quality Assurance Policy is to ensure that our products, in all respects, meet the specified quality standards of Howard Butler Ltd and those of our customers, at the right time, price and quality.

It is the declared policy of the Company that all members of the organisation shall be actively involved in the pursuit of providing improving customer satisfaction through the continuous implementation, maintenance and application of the prescribed Quality Assurance Systems.


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