EV Charging Market Takes Off

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A Growing EV Market The electric vehicle market is growing at a fast rate, with almost 300,000 pure electric vehicles on the road and more than 600,000 plug-in models (including plug-in hybrids – PHEVs). This is set to soar over the next few years, after the announcement that new petrol and diesel cars will not… Read More »

What Shipping Crisis?

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Apparently, there is a Global shipping crisis! We are now more than 18 months into the pandemic, and we have witnessed during this time complete disruption, throughout all industries and to supply chains all around the world. We have seen shipping routes snarled not just by the pandemic but also by extreme weather, driver shortages… Read More »

CE vs UKCA marking: A Manufacturers Guide

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What is CE Marking? CE Marking is a declaration that the manufacturer has checked that its products meet EU product safety standards and that they are compliant with health and environmental standards. This allows for free movement of those products throughout the EU. A manufacturer can obtain a CE mark either through a self-declaration or,… Read More »