Howard Butler Ltd (HOBUT) are the largest manufacturer of Low Voltage Current Transformers in Europe. 

Our range of UL Recognised products to ANSI standards are specially designed for the USA and can be manufactured to order and despatched within 2 weeks, or we can direct you to our USA distributor/stockist. 

HOBUT transformers are built to ANSI specifications, specifically the IEEE C57.13 standard which sets the requirements for instrument transformers used in electrical power systems. It covers aspects related to their design, performance, testing, and safety to ensure the accurate and safe measurement of electrical quantities in power systems, and all HOBUT Current Transformers in this section are labelled and tested to this standard. 

Horizontal Busbars UL Recognised

Vertical Busbars UL Recognised

Traditional CT’s UL Recognised

Moulded 3 phase CT105

3 Phrase CT’s UL Recognised