Seven Killer Marketing Strategies For Manufacturers

Most manufacturing companies, unless you are one of the very fortunate, want to increase their business and profitability.

To do this by relying on past successes and achievements or inbound activity, then at some point, your business will hit the wall and your competition will be in the fast-lane leaving you for dust.

An example of resting on your laurels, is that of the Nokia downturn where they saw Apple products grow and overtake them at an astonishing rate. Apple were fresh and innovative, knew what the market wanted, and they packaged together marketing strategies to ensure their brand awareness was second to none.

Here, Hobut take a look at 7 Killer Marketing tips that can help Manufacturing companies expand their brand and business;

  1. Advertising – Traditional and Modern. Most businesses will have produced an advert at some stage in their development. Advertising is a great way to reach a target audience who you are enticing to engage with you and subsequently convert in to customers.
    This takes up many guises: Websites, Industry magazines, newspapers, billboards and in recent times, Facebook and Google Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube channels, the list goes on.
    Manufacturers must consider advertising on the internet as the reach is now worldwide and not just localised or limited to the UK. Targeted ads to a demographic refined by interests make today’s growth potential at another level.Remember: If you don’t, your competitors will;
  2. Business Cards – In a digital age and fast paced world, business cards can get over-looked. Manufacturing companies still have an external sales development presence with BDM’s and Reps having that face-to-face contact. A business card leaves that lasting impression (as long as you have a good quality one!).Manufacturers are now seeing the value of business networking meetings, breakfast clubs and exhibitions and its important that you have this simple yet effective tool to grow your business. This may not be just in sales but with newly formed and developing relationships, you can find reliable and cost-effective suppliers to save you money at the other end of the business. Networking groups can be seen to be an extension of your sales team with delegates referring work to you.You may think that your card gets thrown in the bin but if you gave value to the relationship then it will have more of an impact than an email marketing campaign;
  3. Press Release – Like the above, it’s tempting to think that the press release has had its day. It has not. Press Releases are short, factual news stories written in the third person and given to the media to encourage editors and broadcasters to feature the articles in their publications. A great way to get eyeballs on to your company.How about “Hobut expands production with an additional 12,000sq ft. factory” as a way to gain exposure?It could be a new product, an investment in to new machinery, employing more staff, being green to the environment, supporting local enterprises etc.;
  4. Sponsoring an Event – If your industry sector has a trade conference or exhibition, such as the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Expo, then by seeking out how much it would be to sponsor one of these could be a great way of increasing your brand awareness.
  5. Some of the advantages are:Reaching the right audience: Sponsoring gives you a vast opportunity to communicate your message or show your brand and product to a specific, desired target group of small or medium sized businesses.Building brand awareness and recognition: You have the chance to receive some great exposure that could raise your brand awareness and recognition in the market.Distributing samples and offers: By distributing samples of your product or service at the event, you can receive an honest feedback from the attendees. That way you can gather useful information about your product and make further adjustments, if needed. You can also provide special offers and discounts for the event attendees that could result in new customers and more sales.Establishing new partnerships: Another advantage is the opportunity to meet potential partners and establish new professional connections among other sponsors, vendors and even attendees.

    Community involvement: By sponsoring a local event with huge significance to a specific community you’re showing your interest in providing support. To be seen supporting the community and helping its development can increase your brand’s image and popularity. Building that “know, like and trust” to increase customers.

    Contacts: Accessing a list of attendees is surely one of the biggest benefits you may get when sponsoring an event. That way you could gain access to mailing lists and distribution channels, which will ensure further connection and chance of promoting your brand;

  6. Create Instructional Videos – Everyday , millions of questions are being asked on Google and other search engines and the Manufacturing industry is no different, with engineers and sub-contractors etc wanting to find a solution to a problem or wondering how products work.Video content is a great way to simply complicated processes when written instructions and images just don’t cut it. With platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, creating how-to videos magnifies your presence, your ability and catapults you to becoming the go-to place and in turn drive sales and long term customers.Don’t be afraid to jump straight in and try it but just be aware that shaky, hand-held phone videos won’t have the same effect as a more professional produced one. Making sure that you have the correct lighting, sound and a script to hand whilst at the same time being that down-to-earth and approachable expert;
  7. Infographics – Bringing images to life. If you’re not making the most of the power of infographics then you could be seriously missing out. Not only are they visually appealing and fun to look at, they’re also an effective marketing tool.Here’s a few benefits:
    They’re persuasive and eye-catching;
    Easily read, understood and remembered;
    They show you’re an expert;
    They generate more traffic – more chnce of a click or a like;
    Great for SEO – more chance of it being shared and is good content for Google’s Algorithm;Hobut recently spoke about the 4th Industrial Revolution, take a look at the infographic used to concisely show at a glance, the evolution;
  8. Publishing Social Media Posts at the right times – Does the day and time really have an effect on the effectiveness of a post? Quite simply, yes it does. Sites such as Facebook as well as Google have an analytics section which allows you to analyse your data to ensure not only are you reaching the right target audience with the right age and interests, you are creating the right content but you are also posting on the right times and days.E.g. A fast food chain would ideally want to post between 11:30-13:30 when people are the most hungry. A well created post with delicious, inviting food ready to go then shows in their news feeds, would have a higher conversion than if they’d have posted the same content at 3pm.Sit down and work out your marketing strategy to identify who your ideal customer is, where they live and what they like to see.Maybe consider employing or outsourcing your own Social Media Manager to take control of this for you. Someone who can really enhance your profile and status. With over 2 Billion users around the world, accessing social media from their mobile devices, you have access to a huge potential market.

Do you have any more killer marketing strategies for manufacturers? if so we’d love to hear from you. Comment with your ideas…