What to look for in a British Manufacturer

It is understandable these days that people mistakenly believe that not much is made in here in the UK any more. Recent years have seen so many businesses taking their manufacturing off overseas to countries where labour is cheaper resulting in many people being left to feel that UK manufacturing was on its way out.

We are delighted to say this is not the case! We can all rest assured that, according to EEF, manufacturing has actually been stable in the UK for over a decade with output consistently around 10.5% from British manufacturing in which currently there are around 2.6million people making things within the UK. Figures for 2017 show that British manufacturing output is now positioned at 8th in the world, with 44% of UK exports being accounted for by UK manufacturing and being Britain’s link to the rest of the world.

What to look for in a British Manufacturer

Figure:: courtesy of EEF – https://www.eef.org.uk/campaigning/campaigns-and-issues/manufacturing-facts-and-figures

There are numerous reasons why supporting British manufacturing is a great idea. According to the statistics above, increasing numbers of us are buying British – but we believe that with even greater support then we could all make a much bigger difference.

Here are some reasons to look out for and consider when choosing a British Manufacture and why in our opinion it’s good to do so…

  1. Reducing our carbon footprint

For British customers shipping costs make a big difference – it not only costs more financially to have goods delivered from other countries it also has a huge cost to our planet.

The Carbon emissions involved in transporting goods from overseas using planes, trains and ships are huge. There are huge reductions in fossil fuels used when transporting goods that we buy which have been manufactured in this country.

So, with growing concerns over our environment and global warming isn’t it great to think about the cost to our planet not just your pocket?

  1. Boosting the British economy

    British manufacturing contributes £6.7trillion to the global economy, according to The Manufacturer. Making more things here in the UK will mean that we don’t have to rely so much on importing from overseas whilst still contributing globally, this will lead to us creating a stable and greater UK economy with better growth going forward.

  2. You can be certain of the quality

Figure – Hobut: Company Quality Policy 

Britain has an excellent reputation for manufacturing quality products with many being in high demand across the globe. Kate Hills from Make it British says “The demand for British-made goods is particularly high from overseas, where the perceived quality and craftsmanship of our home-grown products is held in high esteem.”

Several reasons amount to why British products are seen as being of such high quality but the fact that we have strict laws that demand excellent standards in our manufacturing process is probably one of the main ones. Another unique reason being Britain’s have raised generations, handing down specialist skills which ensures that the quality is nothing short of excellent.

Here at Howard Butler Ltd (Hobut) we are stringent with our quality and legal standards and have IS09001:2008 approval.

Having recently invested around £40,000 on new and improved IT systems and processes which focus on improving the quality of our products to an even higher standard and tracking performance, service and support – all areas of which we are committed to excellence.

Our commitment to ensuring that we manufacture the highest quality, traceable and reliable products is highlighted by another recent investment we have made, with over £60,000 being spent on upgrading our testing equipment. Instilling confidence in the products and service we deliver to our clients.

Along with a complete modernisation programme to our main factory amounting to over £100,000, we truly believe and are passionate in providing our clients with a quality and service which is second to none

  1. Helping create jobs in Britain

Supporting British manufacturing means that you’re supporting business growth and in turn supporting the UK job market as they can employ more people.

Manufacturing is also a fantastic way for young people to start their careers with apprenticeships, they can earn as they learn and develop fantastic skills which can in turn lead to them being the engineers and business owners of our future. With 2018 being The Year of Engineering #YoE the excitement of British manufacturing is at an all-time high.

At Howard Butler Ltd (Hobut) We have a growing team of specialist engineers who are regularly adding new products to the range, mostly designed to IEC, BS, or DIN specifications. Our continuous investments and our improvement program ensures established products are always updated.

  1. Producing unique products & service

There are many items that are created here in the UK that can’t be produced anywhere else and are unique to our country. The skills to create many of these goods have been handed down throughout many generations.

Howard Butler Ltd (Hobut) have been proud UK manufacturers for over 100 years – this amounts to skills, quality and service that cannot be replicated.

  1. Securing the future of manufacturing in Britain

Figure 1 – image credit: Tomorrow’s Engineers

By supporting and choosing a British manufacturer you’re not only ensuring the continuity of generations of skills but also the financial security of our country. Knowing that with the stability of a thriving manufacturing sector, there are many entrepreneurial options for our children and future generations as they make their way in the world.

  1. Developing a sense of community

Within manufacturing businesses, the whole team works together to create the products that the company sells. People working together, often from the same area, creates a sense of strengthened community.

Manufacturing companies, based in Britain, can make a massive difference to local communities – enabling young people to gain and develop skills; with the older generation on hand to teach them; this creates loyalty and trust and strengthens bonds.

  1. Impeccable service

Buying from a British based manufacturer means that you will receive excellent customer service, because UK companies must adhere to strict laws and standards.

At Howard Butler Ltd (Hobut) our aim is to offer excellent customer satisfaction. Our friendly, helpful team and our fully computerised sales and manufacturing systems, together ensure close control of all orders and enquiries and most importantly providing an impeccable service to all of our clients.

  1. Making a statement

When you buy from a British manufacturer you’re not only showing support but that you appreciate quality, great service.

  1. Celebrate British Heritage

British manufacturers have created incredible products for hundreds of years. By choosing British manufacturers, you are acknowledging and encouraging the diverse and vast history of this country, ensuring stability and continuity of our proud heritage and future.


Hopefully you now have a better idea of what to look for and what you are getting when you buy from a British Manufacturer. To summarise you’ll be supporting British businesses and helping our economy to thrive, and on top of that you’ll also be able to find fantastic quality items that you can’t buy elsewhere!

What are the reasons that you buy British? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you!