DC Current Summation

DC Current Summation


DIN rail mounting transducers available in 55mm x 112mm or 100 x 112mm DIN  rail cases


Used to conver various inputs into standard DC signals for driving panel meters and for use in control devices.

Selection Guide

M100-DS1DC Current 1 input
M100-DS2DC Current 2 inputs
M100-DS3DC Current 3 inputs
M100-DS4DC Current 4 inputs

Typical Applications

The M100-DS series of summation transducer take up to four inputs and provide an output signal directly proportional to the sum of the inputs. A typical application is the  summation of total kW of four seperating generating sets e.g. the four individual kW readings are provided by M100-WA4 transducers with 0-1mA output signals.

The M100-DS4 summates the four 0-1mA signals and provides a single output signal that is directly proportional the sum of the total kW of all four generators. It is important to note the following when using summation transducers: to ensure the correct reading is obtained:

The current and voltage ratios must be identical otherwise the subsequent summation will be meaningless.

Technical Specifications

Rated value In±1mA 0-1mA…20mA
Voltage drop20mV
Working Range±125%
Overload Continuous4 x In
Overload Continuous:1.5 x Un
Rated value mA0-1/5/10/20 & 4-20mA
Load resistance12/2.4/1.2/0.6 kOhm
Rated value volts0-5 / 10 & 1-5V
A.C. Voltage115/230/400V(±25%/45-65Hz
/ <2VA)
D.C. Voltage24/48/110V(±20% /
galvanically isolated / <3W)
Approx 0.4kg. 55mm case

Ordering Information

Product Code


1Non standard inputs / outputs only as far as technically acceptable
2A.C. Auxiliary in range 57.7 to 450 volts
3Calibration at temperature other than 23ºC

A.C. Current Connection Diagrams