Earth Leakage Relays

Earth Leakage Relays


Variable Earth Leakage Relays in compact 35mm din rail mounting cases for use on 3 phase electrical systems. ELRs are designed to detect and protect against electrical faults that result in current leakage to earth, which can pose a safety hazard to personnel and damage equipment.


To monitor earth leakage current and to operate an associated relay at a preset current. May be used to shut down a system or operate an alarm under fault conditions.

The sensitivity of an Earth Leakage Relay (ELR) is typically measured in terms of the amount of earth leakage current required to trigger the relay. This value is usually expressed in milliamperes (mA). The sensitivity of an ELR is an important consideration in selecting and setting up the device, as it needs to be able to detect and respond to earth leakage currents in a timely and reliable manner. HOBUT ELR trip settings range from 10 mA to 10A, with higher sensitivity settings being used in applications where there is a greater risk of electrical shock or where there is a need to protect sensitive equipment. It is important to select the rating/appropriate sensitivity for the specific application and to regularly test and maintain the device to ensure proper functioning.


Part numberSensitivityTime DelayFrequencyVoltage
RCR-V3030mA-30A0-10 Seconds50/60Hz115/230V AC
RCR-V30-400V30mA – 30A0-10 Seconds50/60Hz400V AC
RCR-V30-60V DC30mA – 30A0-10 Seconds50/60Hz10-60V DC



Supply Voltage (Un):24, 115/230, 400V AC (85-115%) 12-125V DC (85-110%) 10-60V DC(90-110%)
Power Consumption6VA
Ambient Temperature-20ºC to +55ºC
Relative Humidity+95%
HousingUL94VO Flame Retardent
Mounting35mm Din Rail
Terminal Conducter≤ 2.5mm² stranded

≤ 4mm² solid

Output1 x SPNO relay

1 x SPDT relay

Terminal Protection:IP20
Approvals:IEC 60755, 60947, 62020, 61543
210MM toroids should not be used for sensitivity settings of less than 300mA

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