Digital Panel Meters

Digital Panel Meters


96 x 48mm digital panel meters with 3.5 digit, 14.2mm high 7 segment LED’s. The products offer a wide range of AC or DC input parameters. These are the main group types:- AC Volts, Amps, Milliamps, DC Volts, Amps, Milliamps, Millivolts, Frequency.


With the combination of mA input M300-AD1 and the M100 series Power transducers, parameters such as kW, kV, Ar etc can be measured and displayed. Customer adjustment of botjh “ZERO” and “SPAN” is permissible via potentiometers, accessible from the rear of the product.

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Technical Specification

Input Voltage Range88..440V
Burden1.8VA max
Frequency Range40 – 65Hz
No of LED’s16
Angle between LED’s22.5º
Red LED ON Range+/- 11.24º geometric
Green LED ON Range358º to 2º geometric
Accuracy+/- 1º
Humidity5% to 85% Non condensing
Temperature Range-10…60ºC
Storage Temperature-40…70ºC

Ordering Information:
Please specify D96-LSYNC on your order. (The synchroscope will operate on any voltage 80-440V. Please specify voltage on your order).

Meter rear view

General Specifications

AC VoltsM300-VAD0..600V
DC VoltsM300-VD1± 50/60/75/100/150mV
DC VoltsM300-VD2± 50mV…1999mV
DC VoltsM300-VD3± 2V …199.9V
DC VoltsM300-VD4± 200V …600V
AC AmpsM300-AAD1 or 5 AC (0.2 to 10A)
DC AmpsM300-AD1± 1/5/10/20
DC AmpsM300-AD2± 100µA…199.9µa
DC AmpsM300-AD44/20mA


M300-VAD10K Ohm/V
M300-VD1/2> 100K Ohm
M300-VD3/410K Ohm/V
M300-AAD< 2VA
M300-AD1/2/3/420mV drop
Current4 x continuous
25 x 1 second
Voltage1.5 x continuous
4 x 1 second
Accuracy± 0.05% of reading ± 1 digits
Linearity± 1 digit roll over error ± 2 digits
ConversionDual slope integration
CMRAC 50dB 50 to 60Hz
DC 25 1K Ohm source unbalanced


Working Temperature0-60 deg C
Function Temperature-25 to +70 deg C
Storage Temperature-55 to 85 deg C
Temperature Coefficient0.01% per deg C
Relative Humidity0-95% non-condensing
Warm up time1 min
Shock30g in 3 planes
Test Voltage4kV RMS 50Hz 1 min


AC Voltage115/230/400 Volts (±25%)
45 to 65 Hz Burden < 2VA
DC Voltage24/48/110 Volts (± 20%)
Galvanic isolation. Burden < 3W


Digits1999 Full scale
Size14.2mm (0.56″) 7 segment red
Decimal PointInternally selectable, optional extra for externally selectable
Overrange indicationDisplays “1” or “-1”
Update response time< 1 second
PolarityAutomatic with (-) indicating negative inputs


DIN caseDimensions 96 x 48 x 98
MaterialBlack Polycarbonate Complying with UL94VO
TerminalsScrew type for 2 x 0.5-3.5mm
Enclosure codeIP 54 NEM A 12 Optional IP65 NEM A4

a) All inputs (AC or DC) are connected via terminals 1 & 3
b) All Auxiliary supplies (AC or DC) are connected via terminals 6 & 8
c) Access to the “ZERO” & “SPAN” adjustment. Remove terminal
blanks in position 9 & 10. ZERO = 10,SPAN = 9
d) Optional externally selectable decimal point. 16=common, 15=1.999
14 = 19.99, 13=199.9 Link 16 as required.

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