Wattmeter – self contained

Accuracy:Class 1.5
AC Ratings:1A or 5A CT operated.
63.5V to 500V direct connected
Burden:Current < 0.5VA each circuit
Voltage < 2.0VA each circuit
Working Range:Current 20-150%
Voltage 75-125%
Frequency:Calibrated for 50Hz or 60Hz
Systems:WA1 Single Phase
WA2 3ph 3 wire balanced load
WA3 3ph 4 wire balanced load
WA4 3ph 3 wire unbalaced load
WA5 3ph 4 wire unbalanced load
Terminals:Screw clamps
connection diagram supplied.
Ordering information:D96 System type, CT ratio, VT ratio and range
D96 power factor indicator

All DIN range panel meters are available as Wattmeters using a seperate transducer

Wattmeter-1ph.gif (4488 bytes)

Single Phase

APM-PFI-Diagram.gif (5034 bytes)

3PH 3W Balanced load

Wattmeter-3ph3wireunbal.gif (5846 bytes)

3PH 3W Unbalanced load

Wattmeter-3ph4wirebal.gif (5898 bytes)

3PH 4W Balanced load

Wattmeter-3ph4wireunbal.gif (8266 bytes)

3PH 4W Unbalanced Load