Series 80 Current Transformers

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A range of moulded case Split core current transformers with in-built terminal covers. Primary ranges available up to 5000A with 5A secondary as standard.


The Hobut range of Split-core current transformers has been designed to meet the growing demand for installation into existing networks. The split-core allows installation without disconnecting cables or busbar circuits. The products are ideal for retro-fitting and are therefore popular in the Energy Management and Power Factor Correction Industries


Technical Specification

Splitcore tech spec


Splitcore range


The 80 series Split-Core Current Transformers are of moulded case construction, supplied complete with in-built terminal cover.

Accuracy / Burden

Each Split-Core Current Transformer is supplied for use with various class and accuracy burdens. For example, Type CTS80-1,400/5 is suitable for:
0.5% accuracy up to 2.5VA
1% accuracy up to 6VA
3% accuracy up to 10VA

 Order Example

A split-core Transformer Type CTS80-1 with a ratio of 400/5 is:
CTS80-1, 400/5. There is no reason to specify accuracy or VA on your order for reasons outlined above.


Splitcore dimensions text

Splitcore dimensions dia