Series 35 Current Transformers



The range offers 3 current transformers in one moulded case, suitable for primary current from 40A to 800A using cable primaries.


Ideally suited for standby generator manufacturers and panel builders, this innovative range is compact in design and suitable for mounting with feet or cable ties.


Type 353

Primary Class 3 Class 1
40A 1.25VA
60A 1.5A
80A 1.5VA
100A 1.5VA 1.5VA
150A 1.5VA 1.5VA
200A 2.5VA 2.5VA
250A 2.5VA 2.5VA
300A 5VA 5VA
400A 5VA 5VA
500A 5VA 5VA
5A Secondary, 27mm internal diameters

Type 354

Primary Class 3 Class 1
300A 2,5VA 2.5VA
400A 5VA 5VA
500A 5VA 5VA
600A 5VA 5VA
800A 5VA 5VA
5A Secondary, 37mm internal diameters


Technical Specification

  • Conforms to IEC44-1, IEC185, and BS7626
  • Rated system voltage 0.72/3kV
  • Ambient temperature range -20C to 85C
  • Suitable for 6.35mm push on connectors
  • 1A secondary available by request
  • CE approved
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001
  • Enclosure to IP20
  • Supplied with 4 fixing feet
  • Other mounting options available