Reverse Power Protection Relay



DIN rail mounting protection relays for use in single and three phase systems. Available in 55mm x 112mm or 100 x 112mm DIN rail cases.


For over protection, under protection and combined under & over protection available in AC current AC voltage & frequency versions. Millivolt trip, DC voltage trip, Reverse Power, Phase sequence & Phase balance relays also available in our extensive range of protection relays.

Selection Guide

M200-RP1Single or 3 phase 4 wire
M200-RP33 phase 3 wire

Typical Applications

The M200 reverse power relay is used to monitor the direction of power from A.C generators, if the current in the system being monitored is reversed, to a value greater than the customer adjustable preset limit the relay will energise. The adjustable trip point is 2% to 20% of input current. An adjustable time delay of 0 to 20 seconds is provided. Correct setting of the trip point and time delay, will ensure protection against motoring in the event of a generator failure and prevent tripping due to transients encountered during synchronisation. A red LED indicates the state of the relay and a green LED indicates the condition of the power supply.

Technical Specifications

Rated value Un57.8< 500V ±25%
Rated value InC.T. operated 1 or 5A or direct connected 0.2 to 10A
Burden<3VA voltage <0.5VA current
Overload1.5 x Un 2 x In continuous 2 x Un 10 x In for 3 seconds
RepeatabilityBetter than 0.5% of full span
Time delayAdjustable 200mS to 20 sec
AUXILIARYAll units self powered
WEIGHT&CASEApprox 0.6kg. 100mm case
Product CodeIn InputUn InputFreqOptions
M200-RP31 Amp400 Volt50Hz5 sec T/D


1Adjustable time delay max 30 seconds
2A.C. Auxiliary in range 57.7 to 480 volts
3Calibration at nominal Hz 35…450Hz
4Calibration at temperature other than 23ºC

Connection Diagrams