R68 Panel Meter



Rectangular fronted, round R68 range : panel meters barrelled, moving iron and moving coil panel meters for AC or DC use. Manufactured to IEC51/BS89


Used widely in the panel building, welding and battery charger industry, where a round barrelled instrument is required to fit into a standard 64mm diameter panel cut-out


R68SD Moving Iron – AC

Scaled up to 100A direct connected1.2VA max up to 30A, 2.4VA max 40-100A2.5%
1A or 5A CT operated, scaled as required0.7VA typically at 50Hz2.5%
Scaled 30V to 600V, direct connected6VA max2.5%

R68MC Moving Coil – DC

Scaled 50µA to 50A direct connected80mV to 150mV volt drop1.5%
50mV to 300mV shunt operated, scaled as required1mA (1000W/V)1.5%
Scaled 50mV to 600V, direct connected1mA (1000W/V)1.5%

Technical Specification

Scale length52mm62mm
Fixing MethodU-clipU-clip
Flame RetardentBase UL94V1Base UL94V1
Case UL94VOCase UL94V0
Protection (Front of Panel)IP52IP52

Dimensions (mm)

  • Adjustable red secondary ponter
  • 6 x overload scale
  • Tropical Finish
  • Special Dials
  • Black or white dial mask
  • R68 available as
  1. Power factor meter
  2. Wattmeter