AC Current Transducers

AC Current Transducers


DIN rail mounting transducers available in 55mm x 112mm or 100 x 112mm DIN rail cases


Used to convert various inputs into standard DC signals for driving panel meters and for use in control devices.

Selection Guide

M100-AA11ph. self powered ave. sensing RMS calibrated
M100-AL11ph. aux. powered ave. sensing RMS calibrated
M100-AR11ph. aux powered true RMS sensing RMS cal
M100-AA33ph. self powered ave. sensing RMS calibrated
M100-AL33ph. aux powered ave. sensing RMS calibrated

Typical Applications

The M100 series current transducers are designed to measure A.C. current in single and 3 phase systems. They convert the A.C signal to a D.C. output that is directly proportional to the input signal. The M100-AA1, AA3 are self powered (ie auxiliary required) average sensing RMS calibrated current transducers, mA and voltage outputs are available.

The M100-AL1, AL3 are average sensing RMS calibrated, live zero current transducers. Auxiliary is required to provide power;so that 4mA output signal is present when the input is zero. The M100-AR1 is true RMS sensing RMS calibrated allowing measurement of distorted waveforms of up to 9th harmonic with a crest factor of 5. The AR1 is typically used in current measurement where distorted waveform is common, such as thyristor drives. The above units are used to measure current in energy management systems, switchboards, generator and telemetry controls.

Isolation of 4kV is provided between the input and output signal, allowing the output to be fed to conventional analogue meters, digital meters, PLC and computer systems.

Technical Specifications

Rated value In:1 or 5 Amp CT connected. 0.5 to 10 Amp
direct connected
Power consumption:<1VA (AA1, AA3) <0.2VA (AL1, AL3,
Working Range:10-125% In (AA1,AA3) 0-125% In (AL1,
Rated Frequency50 / 60 / 400Hz
Frequency Influence0.005% / Hz
Overload Continuous4 x In
Overload for 1 sec50 x In
Rated Value mA0-1 / 5 / 10 / 20mA (AA1, AA3)
Rated Value mA0-1 / 5 / 20 & 4-20mA (AR1)
Rated Value mA4-20mA (AL1 AL3)
Rated Value volts0-5 / 10V (AA1 AA3)
Rated Value Volts0-5 / 10 & 1-5V (AR1)
Rated Value Volts1-5V (AL1, AL3)
ZeroNo adjustment
Zero2% (AR1, AL1, AL3)
Span10% (AA1, AR1, AL1, AA3, AL3)
A.C. Voltage115 / 230 / 400V (25% / 45-65Hz/<2VA)

D.C. Voltage

24 / 48 / 110V (20% galvanically isolated/<3W)
Note: M100-AA1,AA3 are self powered.
M100-AA1Approx 0.3kg 55mm case
M100-AL1,AR1Approx 0.4kg 55mm case
M100-AA3Approx 0.6kg 100mm case
M100-AL3Approx 0.7kg 100mm case

Ordering Information

Product CodeInput InOutputAuxFreqOptions


1Non Standard inputs/outputs as far as technically viable
2A.C. Auxiliary in range of 57.7 to 450 volts
3Calibration at nominal Hz 35…40Hz
4Calibration at temperature other than 23ºC

A.C. Current Connection Diagrams