M802 & M812 Multi-function Meter

M802 & M812 Multi-function Meter


The MULTIDIN range of multi-function panel meter features 96 x 96mm sizes complete with backlit LCD or LED screen. The range is easy to use and features user programmable CT & VT ratios.


The MULTIDIN range is a cost effective replacement for the traditional panel meter and is suitable for low, medium and high voltage control panels, gensets, building management systems, power management and more.

Standard Functions
Phase Voltage (V)
Phase Current (I)
Frequency (Hz)
Active Power (W)
Active Energy (kWh)
Reactive Power (VAr)
Apparent Power (VA)
Reactive Energy (VArh)
Power Factor (PF)
Average Amp Demand
Average Watt Demand
Average VA DemandÖ
Maximum Amp Demand
Maximum Watt Demand
Maximum VA Demand
Total Harmonic Distortion Phase (V)
Total Harmonic Distortion Phase (A)

All models feature the following user-programmable functions.

  • Current Transformer Ratio
  • Voltage Transformer Ratio
  • Baud Rate
  • Custom Screen (LCD Models only)
  • Parity
  • Stops
  • RS485 address 1-247
  • Security code access for programming
  • RS485 Modbus protocol
  • RS232 ASCII
  • Pulse Output
  • Input voltage 57-500V

Please specify the following information on your order:

  • Model number—M801, M802, M804 or M812
  • System:

MD1 – 1 Phase (LCD)

MD4 – 3 Phase 3 wire unbalanced load (LCD)

MD9 – 3 Phase 4 wire unbalanced load (LCD)

LD1 – 1 Phase (LED)

LD4 – 3 Phase 3 wire unbalanced load (LED)

LD9 – 3 Phase 4 wire unbalanced load (LED)

  • Input voltage
  • Auxiliary voltage
  • Frequency
  • Options

Ordering Example:


Safety: IEC1010, BSEN601010

Volts/Amps: 0.5% of readingRated Un: 57.8 to 600V
Frequency: 0.1HzRange: 5-120% Un
Active Power: 1% of readingBurden: 0.5VA per phase
Apparent Power: 1% of readingOverload 4 x In continuous
Power Factor: 2% of range50 x In for 1 second.
Energy IEC: 1036 Class 1Frequency 45/65Hz
Total harmonic distortion± 1% of range
Wh or VArh: SPNO rated 50VGeneral: IEC688 BSEN60688, BS4889, IEC359.
Pulse Output: 150mA 5W ac/dcEMC: BSEN5008
Pulse Rate: Automatically set
Pulse Duration: Programmable from 20msec – 200msec
Test voltage:3kV RMS 50Hz for 1 minute between case, input, aux
1kV between case, input, aux, relay output & RS485 output.
Impulse Test:EMC 5kV transient coplies with IEC801/ EN55020 HF
Surge Withstand:IEC801/EN55020 Ansi C37.90A
Interference:EHF 2.5kV 1Mhz complying to IEC255-4
Protective class II:Complying to IEC348 / BS4753 / DIN57411 / VDE
Working temp: 0 – 50ºCBlack polycarbonate case to UL94VO
Function temp: -5 – 60ºCWeight 0.7kg
Storage temp: -10 – 65ºC
Temp coefficient: 0.01% per ºC
Relative humidity: 0 – 95% con condensing
Shock: 30G in 3 planes

Connection Diagrams:

Dimensions (mm)

Note: On all the above connections external voltage transformers can be used, allowing voltages higher than 600 volts to be connected to the Multi-Din

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