Range Technical Specification

Range Technical Specification


Din panel meters with standard 90 degree scales. Used throughout the World, these meters can have Moving Iron or Moving Coil movements for A.C. or D.C. use. They are available in 48 x 48mm, 72 x 72mm or96 x 96mm case sizes to fit standard square panel cut-outs

Technical Specification

Standards:IEC 51, BS 89
Flame retardant
base material UL94V1,
case & terminal cover material UL94VO.
Scale marking DIN 43802
Protection IP52: IP54 can be supplied.
Overload:CURRENT-1.2 x rating for 2hrs
-10 x rating for 5 secs.
VOLTAGE-1.2 x rating for 2 hrs
2 x rated Voltage for 5 secs*
Insulation Test:2kV 50Hz for 1 min
Temperature:Calibrated at 23ºC
Suitable for use at -25ºC to +40ºC
Available Extras:Adjustable red secondary pointer.
Terminal cover.
Special scale.
Polycarbonate window.
6.4mm “Faston” terminal tag (voltmeters & ammeters to 5A). * Not for 1A MDI

Panel Cut-Outs (All Dimensions in mm)

Range Technical Specification

Dimensions (All in mm)

DIN 48 (M4 screw  clamps)4854344.810
Ammeters up to 5A & Voltmeters
DIN 48 (M6 stud terminals)4854344.821
Ammeters 6A to 40A
DIN 72 (M4 screw  clamps)725.538.56610
Ammeters up to 5A & Voltmeters
DIN 72 (M6 stud terminals)725.538.56619
Ammeters 6A to 79A
DIN 72 (M8 stud terminals)725.538.56622
Ammeters 80A to 100A
DIN 96 (M4 screw clamps)965.538.5901020
Ammeters upto 5A & voltmeters
DIN 96 (M6 stud terminals)965.538.5901920
Ammeters 6A to 79A
DIN 96 (M8 stud terminals)965.528.5902220
Ammeters 80A to 100A
DIN96 Watt-meter965.51239013
DIN96 Power Factor Indicator965.51239013
DIN96 Max Demand Indicator965.558901020
(M4 screw clamps)
DIN96 Combined MDI965.558901020
(M4 screw clamps)
Note: If terminal covers are fitted as an optional extra, add 23mm to dimension “C” for DIN72 & DIN96 meters, add 25mm to dimension “C” for DIN48 meters.