Power Factor Indicator

Power Factor Indicator
Accuracy:Class 1.5 (+2 electrical degrees).
AC Ratings:1A or 5A CT operated.
63.5V to 500V direct connected
Burden:Current < 0.5VA each circuit
Voltage < 2.0VA each circuit
Working Range:Current 20-150%
Voltage 75-125%
Scaling:Cos Phi (Ø) – 0.5 CAP / 1 / 0.5 IND
Frequency:Calibrated for 50Hz, 60Hz available on request
Systems:PF 3 phase 3 or 4 wire balanced load
Seperate transducer required for single phase use.
Terminals:Screw clamps
connection diagram supplied.
Availability:DIN96, DIN72 available with separate trans-ducers see Phase Angle Transducer

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