Moving Iron Panel Meters

Moving Iron Panel Meters
Types:D48SD, D72SD, D96SD
Accuracy:Class 1.5 (Class 2.5 – 60A and above)
AC Ratings:1A to 100A direct connected (D48SD-40A max)
1A or 5A CT operated
30V to 600V direct connected
Burden:0.7VA typical for 1A or 5A CT operated at 50Hz
1.2VA max for up to 30A
2.4VA max for 40A to 100A
6VA max for voltmeters up to 600V
Frequency:Calibrated at 50Hz
Specify for frequencies 35Hz up to 400Hz
Scaling:Standard ammeter and voltmeter scales.
(2x and 6x overload ammeter scales available on request)
Damping:Heavily damped movements available
Availability:DIN96, DIN72, DIN48.

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