240 Degree DIN Panel Meter

240 Degree DIN Panel Meter


240 Degree DIN Panel Meters are 96 x 96mm and 72 x 72mm DIN panel meters employing moving coil movements with 240º scales. All products are supplied with terminal covers and are manufactured to IEC51


Used widely in the panel building industry where a standard sized DIN sized meter is required with a long scale for easy reading

D96 & D72 – AC Ranges

RatingBurdenAccuracy Class
1A or 5A CT operated with 2 x O/L scaled as required.0.7VA typically at 50Hz1.5
Voltmeters up to 500V6VA Max1.5

D96 & D72 – Frequency Ranges

RatingBurdenAccuracy Class
45/65 Hz, 220/240V as standardUp to 300mA at nominal voltage1.5

D96 & D72 -DC Ranges

RatingBurdenAccuracy Class
1mA scaled as requiredUp to 500V drop1.5
4/20mA, scaled as requiredUp to 2.5V drop1.5
Voltmeters up to 600V1mA (1000Ω/V)1.5
60mV to 300mV shunt operated,  scaled as required.5mA (200Ω/V)1.5


Scale marking: DIN 43802
Protection (front of panel): IP52
Overload (A): 1.2 x rating 2 hrs / 10 rating 5 seconds
Overload (V): 1.2 x rating 2 hrs / 2 rating 5 seconds
Insulation test: 2kV 50Hz for 1 minute
Temperature: calibrated at 23ºC suitable for -25 to 40ºC
Terminals: 2BA screw clamps


Special scales
Self contained Wattmeters and Varmeters available on request

240 Degree DIN Panel Meter Dimensions

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