General Specification

General Specification


Working Temperature 0 to +60 deg C
Functional Temperature -25 to +70 deg C
Storage Temperature -40 to 85 deg C
Temperature Coefficient 0.02% per deg (200 ppm/ºC)
Relative Humidity 95% non condensing
Class of Climate HSE complying with DIN 40040
-3 complying with VDE/VDI 3540

Relay output

Relay Type dual pole change over
Material Silver / Candium
Contact Resistance 200mOhm max typically < 50mOhm
Rating AC: 250V 10A
Rating DC 150V 10A
Electrical Life 1 x 105 at above load
Mechanical Life 5 x 106
Operating time approx 7mS (20mS max)
Dielectric strength Between coil and contacts
5kV RMS 1min
Between Adjacent contacts
1kV RMS 1min
Insulation resistance 1000M Ohm at 500V DC
Operating temperature -30 to +75 deg C
Approval UL and CSA recognised


Test Voltage 4kV RMS 50Hz 1 min between Input/Case/Auxiliary
Impulse Test EMC 5kV transient complying with IEC 801 /
HF interference test EHF 2.5kV 1MHz complying with IEC 255-4
Protection Class II complying with IEV 348

Applied Standards

General IEC 144 / BS 5420 / VDE / VDI0435 / IEC 947
/ EN6094
Safety IEC 348 / BS4753 DIN 57411 / VDE 0411
Surge withstand IEC 801 / EN 55020 ANSI C37-90A
Radio Screening RFI degree N complies with VDE 0875
VDE 0875

Enclosures & Approvals

Fixing Snap on to DIN rail 35mm x 7.5mm complies with
DIN-EN 50022 BS5584
Mounting Any position
Enclosure code Case IP 50 / terminals IP 30. Complies with
IEC 529 BS5490 DIN 40050
U.L.Approval File No E157034

Case Dimensions