F3DM Battery Condition Indicators

F3DM Battery Condition Indicators
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Ammeters normally used to indicate charge or discharge currents on vehicle battery charging systems

Standard Range

0/5A, 0/8A, 0/10A, 0/12A, 0/15A, 0/20A, 0/30A, 0/40A, 0/50A, 0/60A
0/75A, 8/0/8A, 12/0/12A, 30/0/30A, 50/0/50A, 60/0/60A



Calibration Accuracy ±8% of f.s.d
Movement Polarised moving iron
Temperature range -20ºC to +40ºC
Terminations 2BA up to 20A 1/4 BSF above 20A
Fixing U clip
Options Illumination slots available.Black or
white dial.