Earth Leakage Relays

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Variable Earth Leakage Relays in compact 35mm din rail mounting cases for use on 3 phase electrical systems.


To monitor earth leakage current and to operate an associated relay at a preset current. May be used to shut down a system or operate an alarm under fault conditions.



Part number Sensitivity Time Delay Frequency Voltage
RCR-V30 30mA-30A 0-10 Seconds 50/60Hz 115/230V AC
RCR-V30-400V 30mA – 30A 0-10 Seconds 50/60Hz 400V AC
RCR-V30-60V DC 30mA – 30A 0-10 Seconds 50/60Hz 10-60V DC

ELR’s are fitted with test and reset buttons. Pressing the test button allows a fault to be simulated and the output relays operate accordingly. Pressing the reset button after a fault occurs restores the unit back to its normal operation. A red LED light will illuminate after the unit trips due to an excessive fault current.


 Earth Leakage Relays CTs 1





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