DC Transducer Trip



DIN rail mounting protection relays for use in single and three phase systems. Available in 55mm x 112mm or 100 x 112mm DIN rail cases


For over protection, under protection and combined under & over protection available in AC current AC voltage & frequency versions. Millivolt trip, DC voltage trip, Reverse Power, Phase sequence & Phase balance relays also available in our extensive range of protection relays..

Selection Guide

M200-TAU D.C. volts or mA under trip
M200-TAO D.C. volts or mA over trip
M200-TAC D.C. volts or mA combined trip

Typical Applications

The M200 DC transducer trips have endless applications, as the name implies they are designed to take inputs from transducers and transmitters, providing a relay operation, when the transducer signal deviates outside the preset limit. Any of the M100 series transducers can be used with the transducer trip.

A typical application is to control power using a M100-WA with 4-20mA signal fed to a M200-TAO. For example the output goes with a preset limit of 80%, the TAO relay will close, setting off an alarm or shutting down a process. Either D.C. voltage or D.C. current inputs can be used. As is common with all the M200 relays, on over units the relay energises when the input exceeds the trip point. On under units the relay de-energises when the input signal goes below the trip point. A red LED indicates the state of the relay, whilst a green LED indicates the condition of the power supply.

Technical Specifications

Rated value In 0<20mA or 4-20mA
Voltage 1 volt
Rated value Un 1 < 50 volt or 1.5 volt
Impedance 10k Ohm / volt
Overload 2 x In 1.5 x Un continuous
10 x In 2 x Un for 3 seconds
Range over Adjustable 40% to 120% for both voltage or current input.
Range Under Adjustable 0 to 80% for both voltage or current input
Repeatability Better than 0.5% of full span
Time delay Adjustable 200mS to 10 seconds
Differential Fixed 5%
A.C. Voltage 115/230/400V ±25% / 45-65Hz / 2VA
D.C. Voltage 24 volt (±20% / galvanically isolated)>3 watt
Single units Approx 0.4kg. 55mm case
Combined Units Approx 0.6kg. 100mm case


Product Code Inut Vn or In Aux Freq Options
M200-TAC 1mA 110V 50Hz


1 Adjustable time delay max 30 seconds
2 AC auxiliary in range 57.7 to 480 volts
3 Calibration at nominal Hz 35…450Hz
4 Calibration at temperature other than 23ºC

Connection Diagrams