Rowgowski Coils



Rogowski Coil Operated Transducer


The M250-TRC converts the output from the M240-RCM MultiCoil (Rogowski coil) to either a DC or AC output which is directly proportional to the AC current being measured by the MultiCore. Available DC outputs are 0-1mA, 0-5mA, 0-10mA, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V DC. This product is also available with an output of 0-333mV AC.

The combination of the M250 and the M240 allows the user to replace convenient current transducers and current transformers. With the output of the M250 set for 330mv AC, split-core transformers can also be replaced. This coil / transducer combination offers major advantages over conventional systems, including its compact design and safe, simple connection. The coils are easily clipped around a cable or busbar without having to break the connection of either. The coil is accurate across a range of 30A to 4000A, so there is no need to order a variety of products with differing current ratings. This offers the added advantage of stock holding being reduced.

The M250 will as standard give full output at 4000A but can be scaled to the actual primary current readings required. Example: 0-300A = 4-20mA or 1200A = 0-10V.



The M240-RCM is available in a variety of standard lengths to suit most installation scenarios.

Special lengths are available on request.


Power Supply

The M250-TRC has a universal power supply capable
of the following ranges:
AC: 75V – 277V 50/60Hz
DC: 48V – 300V

Option 1:
DC: 20V – 56V

Option 2:
DC: 12V



Power Supply

Supply Voltage75-277V AC
20-56V DC
12V DC
Frequency Range50 / 60Hz
400Hz Option
Isolation4kV Isolation between power supply and input / output.
Output is not isolated from input until the coil (M240-RCM) is connected. The coil provides isolation.


DC mA:

0-1mA<12 kOhm
0-5mA<2.4 KOhm
0-10mA<1.2 kOhm
0-20mA<600 Ohm
4-20mA<600 Ohm


DC Volts:

0-5V>1 kOhm
0-10V>1 kOhm
1-5V>1 kOhm


AC Volts: 0-333mV AC


Ambient Temp-20 to + 70°C
Relative Humidity95%
MountingDin Rail (35mm)
Accuracy1% Over measurement range
Cut off10A on lowest range
Minimum Full Span Range100A


Power SupplyGreen LED

Connection Diagram

Ordering Information

If the requirement is for a nominal primary current to equal a nominal output please state current after order code.
For example, if the requirement was a 10V output for 800A input, the order code would be as follows:
M250-TRC-V2-H6-W2-P1 800 Amps