Manufacturing world cup

It’s World Cup time!

Sweep stakes drawn, flags at the ready and patriotism set to the max.

The world’s favourite tournament is well under way and we’ve seen some tantalising matches already with VAR being used and it’s great to see how technology is being incorporated in this fast-moving game.

It got us thinking here at Hobut. Of the 32 powerhouse countries that have qualified for this year’s tournament, which countries are matching the 11-men superstars on the pitch for their manufacturing prowess?

Below we rank in order the 32 countries calculated as the value added as a percentage of each nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).

  1. 1.South Korea 29%. The economy of South Korea is ranked 5th in the world for manufacturing output. South Korea is the world leader in shipbuilding and the automotive industries and is home to Samsung and Hyundai;
  2. 2.Germany 23%. Germany is widely known for companies such as BMW and Volkswagen and is often regarded as a leader in advanced manufacturing. As NPR explains, Germany have put together an infrastructure to make the sector thrive;
  3. 3.Poland 20%. Poland has moved on since contract manufacturing which it was known for many years and it sees its manufacturing grow to more than the European average and sees itself in the top 20 ranked countries in the world;
  4. 4.Japan 19%. Japan continues to be a Global leader and is the top 3 ranked country for manufacturing output with Yamaha and Casio at the forefront;
  5. 5.Mexico 19%. No doubt neighbouring the USA helps with the export and manufacturing and sees them producing over $175 billion per year;



  1. 6.Serbia
  2. 7.Switzerland
  3. 8.Morocco
  4. 9.Egypt
  5. 10.Tunisia
  6. 11.Argentina
  7. 12.Denmark
  8. 13.Sweden
  9. 14.Croatia
  10. 15.Uruguay
  11. 16.Spain
  12. 17.Belgium
  13. 18.Portugal
  14. 19.Peru
  15. 20.Russia
  16. 21.Costa Rica
  17. 22.Colombia
  18. 23.Saudi Arabia
  19. 24.Iran
  20. 25.Brazil
  21. 26.France
  22. 27.Iceland
  23. 28.England (UK)
  24. 29.Nigeria
  25. 30.Australia
  26. 31.Panama
  27. 32.Senegal

The UK in 1970 was in the top 20 in terms of manufacturing output and has seen its ranking for its manufacturing remain in the top 10, with a ranking of 9th largest. Although it has seen its manufacturing per head drop to 26th in the world.