Kilowatt Hour Meters


DIN96 energy meters for measuring kWh of individual machines or complete systems. Manufactured to BS5685, IEC521 with a class accuracy of 1% to IEC1036, and supplied in a 96 x 96 mm DIN case. The kilowatt hour meter has a 7 digit non resettable mechanical counter. Pulsed output is available to send to PLC’s data loggers and computers. Analogue mA output is also available.


For monitoring the consumption of electricity in a single or 3 phase system. Savings can made by monitoring and using electricity at the optimum time.

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Technical Specification

Rated Current1 or 5A (<0.2VA / phase purden)
Range 10-120% of rated current
Overload 4 x rated current continuous
50 x rated current for 1 second
Rated Voltage57-500V (< 0.2VA / phase burden)
Range 80-120% of rated voltage
Overload 1.5 x rated voltage continuous
4 x rated voltage for 1 second
Frequency50 or 60Hz nominal range
Auxiliary115 / 230 / 400 AC Voltage
Pulsed OutputNormally open volt free contact,
50V 150mA 5W AC / DC
Pulse rate: 0.1, 1 or 10 per kWh.
Pulse duration: 250msec standard
Analogue outputRated value 0-1mA into < 5k Ohms
0-20mA into % < 250k Ohms
AccuracyClass 1 to IEC 1036
Operating Temp-25ºC to +70ºC
Temp Coefficient0.01% per 1ºC
Material Polycarbonate to UL94VO
Mounting4 side brackets and screws


DescriptionProduct Codes
Single PhaseD96kWh1/M600-WM1
3 phase 3W balanced loadD96kWh2/M600-WM2
3 phase 4W balanced loadD96kWh3/M600-WM3
3 phase 3W unbalanced loadD96kWh4/M600-WM4
3 phase 4W unbalanced loadD96kWh9/M600-WM9

Ordering Information

  • Product Code
  • Current Transformer Ratio
  • Voltage Transformer Ratio
  • Frequency
  • Auxiliary Voltage


  • Pulsed Output (0.1, 1 or 10 per kWh)
  • Analogue Output
  • Non standard pulse width
  • Calibrate at temp other than 23ºC
  • Calibration at Hz 35-450

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