M880 DMF Din Rail Power Meter

M880 DMF Din Rail Power Meter


The new range of Hobut DIN rail mounting power meters feature seven selectable colour backlight LCD screens. The range is easy to use and features user-programmable CT & VT ratios that can be used on any single or 3 phase system.

The products feature a unique set point relay trip output that can be assigned to eight different measurements.


The range is a cost effective replacement for traditional panel meters and is suitable for low, medium and high voltage control panels, gensets, building management systems, power management and more.


Phase Voltage (V)Export Active Energy (W.h)
Phase to Neutral Voltage (V)Import Reactive Energy (Var.H)
Phase Current (I)Export Reactive Energy (Var.H)
Neutral CurrantVA Energy (VA.h)
Frequency (Hz)Amp Hour (A.h)
Average Power Factor (PF)System Amp Demand (A Dmd)
Import Active Power (W)System Import Active Power Demand (W Dmd)
Import Active Power per phase L1 L2 L3 (W)System Export Active Power Demand (W Dmd)
Export Active Power (W)System Apparent Power Demand (VA Dmd)
Export Active Power per phase L1 L2 L3 (W)System Amp Maximum Demand (A Max Dmd)
Import Reactive Power (Var)System Import Active Power Max Dmd (W Max Dmd)
Export Reactive Power (Var)System Export Active Power Max Dmd (W Max Dmd)
Apparent Power (Va)System Apparent Power Max Dmd (VA Max Dmd)
Import Active Energy (W.h)THD Voltage 1% upto 31st
THD Current 1% upto 31st


All models feature the following user-programmable functions:
• Selectable Screen Colour• Single or 3 phase system
• Current Transformer Ratio• Input voltage range 28-570V
• Voltage Transformer Ratio• RS485 address, 1-247
• Baud Rate, Parity, Stops• Security code access for programming
• Via software only



The relay output can be programmed to be used as a pulsed output or instead as a set point relay.
When used as a set point relay:-
• up to 8 parameters can be assigned to the relay
• whichever parameter reaches the set point will cause the relay to trip
Relay Mode: can be set to over, under or window mode
Trip: can be set from 1% to 250% of input
Reset (differential): can be adjusted from 1% to 250% of input
Group Logic: can be set to 1, 2 or 3 phases or the sum or the average
Time Delay: can be programmed from 1 to 1800 seconds
Colour: LCD backlight can be set to change colour when relay as tripped
Relay State: can be programmed to energise on trip or de-energise on trip


Volts/Amps:0.5% of reading
Frequency:0.1 Hz
Active Power:1% of reading
Apparent Power:1% of reading
Power Factor:1% of range
Energy:Class 1 to IEC EN 62053-21:2003
Rated Un:28-330V LN, 48-570V L-L
Overload:800V continuous
Burden:0.5VA per phase
Rated In:0.5-6A (5A nominal)
Overload:4 In for 1 sec
Burden:0.5VA per phase
Auxiliary:100-440V AC / 100-420V DC 19–69V DC available, optional extra
Digits:: 3 lines, 7 segment, 7mm, 9999
Custom LCD
Brightness/Colour:User adjustable
Wh or VArh:SPNO rated 50V
Pulse output:120mA 5W AC/DC
Pulse duration:Programmable
Installation category:III (480 V AC ph/ph)
Degree of pollution:2
Rated impulse withstand voltage:IEC 60947-1-V imp: 4kV
Meters front:Class II
Electrical security:IEC 61010-1
Inputs + Aux to case:4kV rms 50Hz for 1 min
Inputs + Aux to RS485 port:3kV rms 50Hz for 1 min
Inputs + Aux to relay output:1k5V rms 50Hz for 1 min
Low voltage dc Aux to Inputs:1k5V rms 50Hz for 1 min
Immunity to:
electrostatic discharges:IEC 61000-4-2-Level III
radiated radio-Hz fields:IEC 61000-4-3-Level III
electrical fast transient/brusts:IEC 61000-4-4-Level III
impulse waves:IEC 61000-4-5-Level III
conducted disturbances:IEC 61000-4-6-Level III
voltage dips & short interruptions:IEC 61000-4-11
Emissions to:
conducted and radiated:CISPR11-Class A
Working temp:-20 to +70ºC
Storage temp:-30 to +80ºC
Relative humidity:0-95% non condensing
Shock:30G in 2 planes
Polycarbonate case to UL94V0
IP Rating:IP52 (front)



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