M550 Powercom Multifunction Transducers

M550 Powercom Multifunction Transducers


DIN Rail mounting multifunction transducers supplied in 100 x 112mm DIN rail cases.
The M550 PowerCom is a complete 1 phase or 3 phase multifunction AC power transducer with RS485 output.


Self contained measurement of a wide range of electrical paremeters, where communication options are required


The M550 PowerCom is a complete 1 phase or 3 phase multifunction AC power transducer with RS485 output.

Parameters Measured

Phase voltage (V)
Line Voltage (V)
Phase Current (I)
Frequency (Hz)
Active Power Per Phase (W)
System Active Power (W)
Reactive Power per Phase (VAr)
System Reactive Power (V Ar)
Apparent Power per Phase (VA)
System Apparent Power (VA)
Import Active Energy (W.h)
Export Active Energy (W.h)
Import Reactive Energy (VAr.h)
Export Reactive Energy (VAr.h)
Apparent Energy (VA.h)
Ampere Energy (A.h)
Power Factor per Phase (P.F.)
System Power Factor (P.F.)
Amp Demand (Ad)
Watt Demand (Wd)
V A Demand (VAd)
Maximum Amp Demand (Max Ad)
Maximum Watt Demand Import (Max Wd)
Maximum Watt Demand Export (Max Wd)
Maximum VA Demand (Max VAd)
Neutral Current


Pulsed OutputThis can be assigned to Wh, Varh, Ah or Vah
DC Auxiliary

Ordering Information

Information RequiredExample
Product CodeM550-CT9
Nominal Input Voltage230 / 400V AC
Nominal Input Current5A AC
System Frequency50Hz
OptionPulsed output


All data including energy registers, current and voltage ratios and calibration data is stored in a non volatile eeprom


CT and VT ratios, demand time, assigning relay to different parameters, pulse duration etc. Can all be programmed via the RS485 port.


Specified @ 23ºC 10%-Un 10%-lnRated Un: Direct connected voltages between 57.8 and 600V. Specify Nominal
Paremeters unless stated: Class 0.2% to IEC 688Range: 2-120% Un
Overload 1.5 x Un cont. 4 x Un for 1 sec
Frequency: Class: 0.1Hz to IEC 688Rated In: 1 or 5 Amp
Power Factor: Class: 1.0% to IEC 688Range 2-120% In
Active and Reactive Energy: 1% of reading IEC 1036Burden: 0.5VA per phase Volts & Amps
Overload: 4 x In continous. 50 x In for 1 sec
Frequency 50/60Hz Nominal range 45/65Hz
General: IEC688 BSEN60688, BS4889, IEC359.
Emmisions: BSEN50081/1
Immunity BSEN50082/2
Safety: IEC 1010, BSEN601010
Test voltage:4kV RMS 50 Hz for 1 min
Inputs / Case / Auxiliary / Output
3kV RS485 / Outputs
1.5kV relay
1kV between Outputs
Impulse Test:EMC 5kV transient coplies with IEC801/ EN55020 HF
Surge Withstand:IEC801/EN55020 Ansi C37.90A
Interference:EHF 2.5kV 1Mhz complying to IEC255-4
Protective class II:Complying to IEC348
Working temp: 0 – +60ºCUL C-UL CSA Pending
Storage temp: -30 – +65ºC
Temp coefficient: 0.01% per ºC
AC voltage 115 or 230 or 277 volts (± 15%)
DC voltage 12 / 24 / 48 / 110 / 125 volts (± 15%)

Case Dimensions

Connection Diagrames

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