WIL 16-2 Battery Tester

WIL 16-2 Battery Tester


  • Lightweight portable load tester for 12V batteries. No spark can occur when first connected to the battery, eliminating any risk of explosion.
  • The battery is automatically loaded for a controlled time, so eliminating operator error. Battery condition is determined from the voltmeter reading.
  • Operating instructions for various battery types are provided.

Technical Specification

Dimensions165 x 165 x 220mm
125A and 250A loading
Load timer light
Calibration Accuracy:±8% of range
Movement:Polarised moving iron
Temperature range-20ºC to +40ºC
Terminations6.3 or 4.7mm faston tags
FixingSnap into panel
OptionsHigh intensity LED indicating system on
black or white dial.


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