Hobut’s Transformer Core Manufacturing in Singapore

Hobut continues their 100+ years of manufacturing success into the new decade. We have accomplished company acquisitions, production expansions, innovative product additions, huge investment in machinery as well as the employment of highly skilled engineers.

This success is worldwide as Hobut exports into many countries including the Middle East, USA, Europe and Africa but we are extremely proud of our Singapore arm of the business.

Opened in 1986, our manufacturing plant not only separates itself from the hundreds of other companies who just factor Chinese products, but we manufacture Hobut signature core products.

See our production at work. Manufacturing Moulded Case, Ring Type & Cast Resin Current Transformers and other low voltage products for switchgear.

Not only can we guarantee our production with the quality that our customers have become accustomed to, but it also means we can supply the South East Asia market more swiftly, enhancing our efficiency.

What does this mean for our customers?

It means that, because we manufacture locally, it has dramatically reduced lead times along with localised support, giving Hobut the confidence and a loyal customer base to provide a springboard for further strengthening growth and opportunities.