History of Howard Butler (Hobut UK) Limited

Historical timeline of Howard Butler (Hobut UK) Limited

1915 – Howard Butler Limited was formed just after the outbreak of the First World War. At this time electricity was in its infancy with only around 6% of homes in Britain having this new energy form.

1935 – This was soon to change and by this year, the National Grid had been completed and most homes and factories had electrical supplies. It was at this time Howard Butler moved to a new factory and offices built on a green field site in Lincoln Road, Walsall.

Late 1930’s –  Saw the product range expand to include panel meters for mining and military use. With the impending outbreak of the Second World War, this was an opportune time to manufacture such products. The war over, the company continued to develop and produce new measuring instruments to meet the needs of the market.

1985 –  The Butler family decided to sell the business to a management buyout team lead by Mike Collins who had worked for the company for 25 years.

The past 30 years has seen a dynamic change in the product range. The electronic age had influenced the design of new measuring instruments and the firm, which is ISO 9001 quality registered, now supplies a large range of current transformers (CTs), transducers, relays, energy meters, shunts etc., used for both AC and DC applications

1986 – Setting up of Howard Butler (Singapore) PTE factoyr for production of Hobut products for local Asia market

1992 – We started expanding our CT testing abilities and we now have £200,000 worth of equipment for highly accurate testing of current transformers.

1993 –  We took on our first dedicated IT staff. We implemented our first ERP system which greatly improved stock control.

2010 – Saw the end of Silk Screen printing and the acquisition of a UV-LED Flat Bed printers to provide the best quality end product

2016 – Saw Hobut invest heavily in factory refurbishment due to continued expansion with exports soaring to 60% of sales

2017 – Engineering design team increases from 2 designs engineers to 4 design engineers

2017 – Acquisition of major UK Core manufacturer

2018  -Acquisition of additional 12,000sq ft factory to expand production in Walsall (existing 35,000 sq ft factory remains in place)


100 years of manufacturing success in the UK