CT132M Current transformer – lower than expected current output

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    We are trying to measure the current from a three phase motor. We are only measuring one phase to use as an indicator. We were using a CT143M200/5-2.5/1-001 (ratio 200:5) but found the output amps low at our transducer which is an IME TM3I 230V TM3I330 CURRENT TRANS 5A 4/20MA (see detail below)
    We bought a couple of HOBUT DIN Rail Mounted Current Transformers Part No.: CT132M100/5-2.5/1 (lower ratio of 100:5). The current out of these was around .8A on the secondary when primary was at 50A. Note that the P1 is facing supply side. I have tried both directions and reading is the same.

    Do you know why we could be getting these readings? Is there a recommended max distance between the coil and the transducer?

    IME TM3I330 detail:


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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