How Technology And Digitalisation Are Transforming UK Manufacturing

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Technology and Digitalisation are changing the way UK Manufacturers operate, at an incredible rate. Companies are producing or are expected to produce more product for less and this is being felt across a number of different industries. Companies are also growing at a faster pace too with technologies from 3D printing to Robotics and a… Read More »

Hobut exhibited at this years Electricx

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Hobut exhibited at this years Electricx. A crucial event for anyone with an interest in the Energy industry. Visitors gained direct access to a large number of local, regional and international stakeholders and source the latest products and equipment first-hand.

2018 Is The Year of Engineering – #YoE

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Why do we need a year dedicated to Engineering? Fortunately, the government has recognised, there are fewer of our younger generations showing an interest in becoming engineers of the future, with a shortfall of qualified engineering graduates and skilled technicians. With this realisation came the reality that something needs to be done in order to… Read More »

Government launches strategy to boost Industrial Productivity

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On 27th November Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, unveiled a flagship White Paper Industrial Strategy for the UK. With long term plans to boost the economy, build on the strengths of the country and embrace technological change. This eagerly awaited strategy lays out a road map on how the… Read More »

Are Manufacturing Companies up to the challenges of Cyber-Attacks?

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What is Ransomware, DOS and Social Engineering? Ransomware is a subset of malware in which the data on a victim’s computer is locked, typically by encryption and payment is then demanded before the “ransomed data” is decrypted and access is returned to the victim. The motives for attack are usually monetary and the victim is… Read More »

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) or Industry 4.0

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What is 4IR or Industry 4.0? This is possibly a little obvious but 4IR or Industry 4.0 is the fourth major Industrial Revolution since the last one in the 1970’s. The First Industrial Revolution dating back to the 18th Century saw the introduction of mechanical production powered by Water and Steam, predominantly with the invention… Read More »

The Future of British Manufacturing

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We find ourselves entering a new era for British manufacturing. With many recent developments, from political events to the increasing speed of astonishing technological developments with Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) some say we have uncertain and disruptive challenges ahead of us. However, many believe that we need to embrace these advancements… Read More »

What to look for in a British Manufacturer

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It is understandable these days that people mistakenly believe that not much is made in here in the UK any more. Recent years have seen so many businesses taking their manufacturing off overseas to countries where labour is cheaper resulting in many people being left to feel that UK manufacturing was on its way out.… Read More »

A way forward for Britain with Brexit?

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Brexit. How many words have been quite so controversial in recent times? Its supporters are fired up with optimistic predictions for British business in a new era of more control. Yet sceptics still forecast disaster. Each group seems to be shouting as loud as each other. According to some commentators, business feels it has been ignored for… Read More »

First look at the new Din Rail Power Meter from Hobut

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The new UK manufactured meter is due to be released early August 2016 and will feature these extra parameters not seen in other HOBUT Power meters :- Customer programmable Set Point relay output 31st harmonic THD measurement Export Energy measurement Export Energy per phase measurement Din Rail mountable